Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


9th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival


Festival Billboard on Route 22 near Ebensburg

Jackson Fire girls dancin to the Classic Rockers

The rains left and cleared up for the Friday evening festivities

Jerry Brown, the Monkey Man!

Dancing to the Rockers

Tom Pavic does songs from Alice Cooper during the show

Living Treasures Petting Zoo

Don't I look cute?

I'm all ears!

Hagerich's traveling in style

AJ gives the thumbs up!

Aaron at your service

Tree leads off the Saturday music line-up

Jen plays a mean fiddle!

Great Irish music!

The Bayou Bandits play some Cajun / Zydeco tunes

Kids Battle of the Barrel!

Lining up to do water battle

Water, water everywhere!

Looks like the barrel is winning this battle

Judy Rose dressed in period costume

Definitely the best dressed for the occassion!

All this water battle stuff is tiring

Fire Dog Bounce House looks over the Festival grounds

Lots of great stuff for kids to do

Cathleen Seifert doing some face painting

Children's area of the Heritage Festival

Jeannie displays her beautiful quilts

Did someone mention dinner?

Feedin the cute little critters at the Living Treasures Petting Zoo

Andy the Firefly does some on-stage magic
with a member of the audience

The Firefly makes this table dance in the air!

Juggling the clubs

Some fancy fire juggling

A. J. Devlin driving the kids for hayrides

Hayride Station

The Monkey Man always draws a crowd

Django looks over the Monkey Man's shoulder

Two of the Classic Clowns

Just clownin around

Waitin to paint some faces

Lots of crafts and vendors in the park!

Plenty of food everywhere

This little dog travels in style

Food booths at Veterans Park

Crowd assembles for the Fabulous Flashbacks Oldies Show

The Fabulous Flashbacks

Movin and a groovin

Childrens Area

Scentsy Candles make attractive lighted display

Check out these crazy TV's from the Ebensburg Music Mart

Lots of cool shoes and wine bottles at
Will Work for Wine & Shoes booth

Enjoying delicious Festival food at the pavilion

Lining up for some Funnel Cakes

More Festival food options

Kelsey, Kim & Tammy "manning" the Festival headquarters

Mama Davis working all weekend long!

Sunday Morning Church with Singer Hill

Praise singers offering up some great worship songs

Great keyboard music!

Good old fashioned hymn singing

Lots of goodies and coffee for fellowship before and after church

Pastor Drew preaches the word

Kim with a monkey on her back

Tammy makes a Heritage Festival t-shirt fashion statement

AJ in a box

Getting the last bags of ice out

26 entries for the 2012 Cutest Baby Contest

Who can resist the Pie Shoppe's goodies?

Youth perform with music and drama for the church service

The Masters offer up some Southern Gospel music

Joan, Tina, Kim & Shari workin the Festival booth

The Chicken Balls seemd to be a hit!

Cool shoes from the Will Work for Wine & Shoes craft booth

Unicycle Sam doing his thing!

These guys are anxious to start having some fun

Beavercreek does some fancy pickin to great bluegrass tunes

Froggy 95 & 96 Key were sponsors of the 2012 Festival

Hand clappin, toe tappin music!

Unicycle Sam plays 3 songs on a keyboard made of
horns and got a huge round of applause!

Time for the Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull

These weights are awfully heavy!

How far did I go??

Unicycle Sam even brought his horse!

He's everywhere!

Check out my medal guys!

Amanda enjoying the Festival

NOMaD takes the stage to close out
Heritage Festival 2012

Luke plays an awesome fiddle on The Devil
Went Down to Georgia

Dave August, lead singer for NOMaD

Sal pulling his lady on a wagon while eating some ice cream

Raigan & Kim

Carolyn doin some crazy dancin in the parking lot

Tracey and Gianna

NOMaD always puts on an excellent concert & show!
Everyone had a great time!  Plan to attend next year for the
10th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival

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