Elected & App. Officials

Elected Officials Qualification Requirements to Hold Public Office

Second Class Township Offices
Qualification requirements: 18 years of age, registered elector of Township, citizenship required. All township elected officers must have resided in the township for at least one year before their election (53 P.S. 65410 (c), 65411 (a), 65412, 65414 (a); Second Class Township Code, Sec. 410 (c), 411 (a), 412, 414 (a).

School Director
Qualification requirements: 18 years of age, 1 year resident of district, citizenship required (School Code).

District Justice
Qualification requirements: Age not specified, 1 year resident of district, citizenship required, must be a member of Bar of Supreme Court of PA or must complete course of training and instruction (PA Const., Art V, Sec 12).

County Row Office
Qualification requirements: 18 years of age, 1 year resident of County, citizenship required (County Code). Special qualifications apply to offices such as District Attorney, consult pertinent laws for more specific information.

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Elected Officials
NAME Year Current Term Expires
Township Supervisors (6 year term)
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Bruce A. Baker - Chairman 2029
John A. Wallet - Vice Chairman 2025
Fred C. Meier 2027
Auditors (6 year term)
Bill Headrick - Chairman 2025
Elizabeth Hoover 2029
Liam Anderson 2027
Building Code Agency appeals Board
Robert Ditchcreek
David Kaschalk
James Swetland
Central Cambria School Board (4 year term)
Patty Allbaugh 2027
Craig Gibson 2025
Laurie Roberts 2027
Tax Collector (Real Estate) (4 year term)
Paulette Baker 2025
Deputy Tax Collector
Donna Gergely
District Justice (District - 47-3-01 (4 year term)
Mary Ann Zanghi 2024
Constable (6 year term)
Barry Rouzer 2027
Appointed Officials
Barnes, Saly & Company, LLP
Emergency Management
Scott Emerson - Coordinator
Brett Hoffman - Assistant Coordinator
EADS Group
Fire Chief
Scott Emerson
Diane C. Cooper
Planning Commission (4 year term)
Bruce Baker - Chairman 2026
Don Knopsnyder - Vice-Chairman 2024
Paul Wyrwas - Secretary 2025
Al Gailey 2027
Police Commissioners
Bruce A. Baker 2029
John A. Wallet 2025
Fred C. Meier 2027
Recreation Commission (5 year term)
Ashley Nixon 2027
Clint Scott 2027
Elizabeth Hoover 2027
Dionne Beyer 2026
Danielle Anderson 2026
Jacqueline Neves 2025
Christine Dawson 2025
Ashlie Hildebrand 2024
Alyson Averi 2024
Diane C. Cooper
Sewage Enforcement Officer
EADS Group, Inc.
Sewer Authority (5 year term)
Donald Ochenrider, Jr. - Chairman 2025
Daniel Yahnert - Vice-Chairman 2024
Ronald Ochenrider - Secretary 2028
Michael Hudec  - Treasurer 2026
Eric Dreikorn - Asst. Secretary / Treas. 2027
William G. Barbin
Tax Collector (Earned Income & Emergency & Municipal Services)
Berkheimer Associates
Vacancy Board
Barry Rouzer - Chairman
Township Supervisors
Water Authority (5 year term)
Robert W. Piper, Jr. - Chairman 2027
John Wallet - Vice Chairman 2026
Terri Modic - Secretary 2025
Robert Keilman - Treasurer 2028
Donald Hrapchak - Asst. Secretary/Treasurer 2024
Zoning Hearing Board (3 year term)
Rick Fetzer - Chairman 2026
Eugene Martin - Vice Chairman 2024
Darin Brown - Secretary 2025
Paul Cooper - Alternate 2024
Michael Smith - Alternate 2026
Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Bob Keilman