Jackson Township Fee Schedule
Driveway & Road Encroachment
Item Fee
Driveway Permit $ 50.00 (For new driveways only)  Existing driveways having alterations done still need a permit but there is no charge.
Road Encroachment Permit $ 150.00
Road Bond $ 50.00
Driveway Pipe & Installation
12" Pipe $ 22.50 per foot
15" Pipe $ 26.50 per foot
18" Pipe $ 28.50 per foot
24" Pipe $ 30.50 per foot
Item Fee
Comprehensive Plan (Hard Copy) $125.00
Comprehensive Plan (CD Format) $10.00
Copies $ .50 Per Page Per Side
Fax Copies $ 1.00 Per Page
Information on Disk $ 1.00 Per Disk
Mobile Home Park Permit $ 25.00
Municipal Lien Letter $ 10.00
Stormwater Ordinance $ 25.00
Subdivision Ordinance $ 25.00
Zoning Map $ 20.00
Zoning Ordinance (available free on this website) $ 25.00
Oil & Gas Drilling
Surface and Land Development Permit $ 500.00
Police Report $ 25.00
Soliciting Permit
Per Week $ 150.00 Additional Person $ 25.00
Stormwater Review
Stormwater Review $ 25.00 plus incurred engineering costs
Residential Subdivision Filing Fee $ 125.00 plus $10 for each additional lot and any incurred engineering costs
Commercial Subdivision Filing Fee $250.00 plus any incurred engineering costs.
Temporary Hauling Permit
Temporary Hauling Permit $ 150.00
Zoning Review
Type of Building Project Fee
Decks, Fences, Pavilions, In-ground Pools, Porches, Sheds $25.00
Additions, Car Ports, Garages, Pole Barns,
Residential Windmills
New Homes $100.00
Commercial & Industrial
All Building Projects (Commercial) $ 150.00 plus incurred engineering costs
All Building Projects (Industrial) $ 500.00 plus incurred engineering costs
Other Fee
Demolition (Residential) $ 25.00
Demolition (Commercial) $ 100.00
Signs $ 25.00
Petition To Zoning Hearing Board
Residential Matters $  50.00*
Home Business Special Exception $ 300.00*
Commercial Matters $ 300.00*
*Applicant is responsible for the compensation of the secretary and members of the board, costs of notice and advertising, necessary administrative overhead expenses and the fee for the stenographer.
Ammendment Requests
$ 400.00 deposit - If actual costs of the proceedings are less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to the applicant. If the actual costs exceed the deposit amount, the additional costs shall be paid to the Township.
Non-Profit & Charitable Organization Exception - If the applicant, required to pay a fee per the terms of this schedule, is a non-profit corporation or an organization recognized as tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, then the fees to be paid by that entity shall be calculated per the terms set forth above and then reduced by one-half (i.e. - these corporations or organizations shall only pay fifty percent of the fees charged to other persons or entities).