Jackson Township Seal

Jackson Township

Cambria County, Pennsylvania


The pike head upon which the seal is superimposed is in tribute to the men and women of Jackson Township who have served in the armed forces of the United States throughout our history.

The blue and gold are symbolic of Jackson Township's geographic location in Cambria County, Pennsylvania (Keystone).

The horseshoe represents Jackson Township's long-standing role in transportation.

The oak leaves and the acorns indicate the abundance of forested lands and the double-bedded axe reflect the lumbering industry which contributes to the local economy.

The pick is emblematic of the coal mines that are prevalent in the area with the shovel indicating the historic labors and endeavors of the population in the building and construction trades.

The plow and the wheat shaft symbolize the agriculture activities that have long been a pursuit of many of Jackson Township's residents.

The arrowhead is in recognition of the Indians who were the first to occupy Jackson Township.

The deer and the bear represent the abundance of wildlife that are present within Jackson Township.

~Special thanks to Pete Boring who served as a Jackson Township Supervisor for designing this emblem~