Jackson Township Police Department


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Fax: (814) 749-7306
Emergency - CALL 911

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Police Department Staff

Officer in Charge

Shaun Gregory


Michael Freiwald


Jared Arcuri


Michael Szewczyk


Devin T. Keiser


Jared Melikant

Jackson Township Crime Watch Program

The Jackson Township Supervisors approved a Crime Watch Program Initiative started by the Mumau & Harris families in a neighborhood near Mundys Corner area as an outreach of the Jackson Township Police Department.  It is hoped that other groups of neighbors may also form such groups within the Township.  The Township will support groups that organize as a Crime Watch Neighborhoods by providing signs and training from the Jackson Township Police Department led by Philip Vaught, Officer In Charge. Training provides instructions on what participants can and can not do and where they can report information that may act in the prevention of a crime.

National Crime Prevention Council
McGruff - The Crime Dog

Should You Have An Emergency To Report, Remember:
  1. Stay calm.
  2. Call 9-1-1 immediately, don't hesitate to call.
  3. State your location and the nature of the emergency.
  4. Answer all questions the dispatcher asks. In many cases, another dispatcher may be dispatching the call while another one talks to you.
  5. When you dial 911, this dispatcher, in most cases, immediately knows your phone number and possibly your name and address.
  6. Remember, 911 is coin-free from pay telephones.

The Importance of Posting an Address Number for 911
Cambria County 911 Address Enforcement Ordinance